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What is the key to extraordinary? YOU. You are the center of the Bullseye method. We coach the game that you design. Your blueprint, your business, your life and essentially your whole mindset.

Let Me Count The Ways


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We’ll help you define your short and
long-term business goals or give you a
quick solution to overcome whatever’s
stopping you from pursuing your target.


One-on-one Turbocoaching™

We’ll provide ways to assess unique
opportunities in your business both
personally and professionally. You will be
given individual attention with your coach.


Exclusive Library Access

Get exclusive access to our library of tips,
how-tos & guides designed to help
entrepreneurs, business owners, and
professionals grow in a variety of ways.

Meet Betsy Jordan,
Your Transformational Coach

Betsy is an experiential and transformational coach since 2001. Her specialized gifts in designing experiential trainings earned her stripes in her profession when she was awarded senior (ASC) status accreditation with the IAPC&M giving her the distinction of being in the top 1% of her profession in the world. she is known as a coach of coaches and when you work with “Bullseyecoach” you will be empowered to attain the self awareness and confidence along your intended life path to achieve extraordinary results.

3 Fun Facts About Betsy

Are You Looking For An Effective Way To Reclaim Your Time?

We will not only assist in eliminating limiting beliefs but assist you in living a life of quality. Our goal is to help you reclaim your time, your abundance, and peace of mind as you step into your truth and your power.

Are You Looking To Monetize Your Lifestyle Through Visualization?

We assist our clients in creating the life of their dreams by undoing pre-conditioned mindsets through visualization. And yes, this includes your relationship with money, you have the power to create a life of abundance and wealth starting with our specialized methods.

Do You Want To Learn Successful Methods To Implement In Your Daily Life?

The TurboCoaching method we offer is one of our top leadership focused programs which will give us  the opportunity to tackle your personal goals one on one as well as establishing your business goals. You deserve more balance, let’s sit and talk about your intentions, your visions to create an actionable plan that will lead to the life of your dreams.

Are you ready to hit your Bullseye?