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BullsEye Coach: Lives lived with passion, purpose & freedom.

BullsEye Coach is a premier licensed methodology that brings together senior coaches with clients ready for transformation. The program is proven to empower love, acceptance, authenticity, clarity and transcendence that drives soulful awakening.

  • If you are an experienced coach who is ready to elevate your practice, earn more, connect with amazing clients, and improve your coaching results, BullsEye Coach is for you!

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Betsy Jordan, Founder of BullsEye Coach

Betsy Jordan is a philanthropist, activist and creator who has helped elevate CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, and public figures around the globe.

A best-selling author, Executive Producer, and highly-regarded experiential and transformational coach since 2001, she is also the founder of BullsEye Coach. Betsy’s work has influenced top political and business consultants, tech founders, healthcare executives, financiers, health coaches, filmmakers, and even yogis and real estate developers internationally.

Through books, speeches, writings, causes and programs like BullsEye, Betsy encourages people to love and accept themselves and others, live authentically, and experience soulful awakening that transforms their lives.

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  • I hired Betsy for executive coaching, and it was one of the best decisions I've made in a while. She revitalized key aspects of my career with her thoughtful and disciplined methodology. She is so intelligent and empathetic, yet she'll tell you when you’re full of sh*t when you need to hear it. I highly recommend her to turbo-charge your life.

    Chip Venters CEO, Equal Access Carriers
  • Betsy Jordan has a keen insight into helping people achieve their life goals. She has an uncanny knack for breaking down barriers that may be creating obstacles for people that they cannot see for themselves. Spending time with Betsy is like drinking from a cold fountain on an incredibly hot day - you always want to come back for more!

    Anna Watson Blair Infusion Therapy Nurse, UNC-Hospitals

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