The Lesson: Do it your own way

THE LESSON: “Do it your way.”

A frustrated employee turned budding entrepreneur discovered her true path.

This client came to us knowing that things weren’t right at work. She’d known this for a while. She wanted guidance. In pattern interruption, the image she pulled was of her on the beach talking with Jesus. (This image is always the perfect one for you, chosen by you, at the perfect time to answer your intended results.) His words, according to what she saw were, “You go back and do what you need to do. I am with you. I’ve done this my way, you do it your way.” We watched her progress from afar. After this experience, she had the courage to start her business. It is gradually growing – her way. It’s a great gift to the world and a great gift from her heart. The image she held in her mind’s eye that day gave her strength, courage, and insight to boldly proceed in the direction of her dreams.