Target Practice

50 weeks of suggested ways to sharpen your skills.

Environmental Evaluation

Your environment offers opportunities to either focus on your intended results or be distracted by them. All handled via
Webcam. Several options are available.
Tier one: General overview of area, considering the domain chosen. Three action steps.
Tier two: Specific room and intentions for the domain given.
Tier three: Specific room add on with intention.

Pattern Interruption

Pattern Interruption is a virtual breakthrough process. During this one- hour process, patterns are identified and breakthrough opportunities are created through a virtual system with a coach. These are Personal, Private and Confidential sessions.

BullsEye CoachingTM

Personal assessments used to guide your business. Designed for self-mentoring. You can even do this confidentially in your car!

Online(app included once live). $995

includes target practice, environmental evaluation, pattern interruption, online self mentoring program for three hours with a coach and covers personal assessments and exclusive ammunition.


Fast, powerful coaching which includes:

  • Assessments of your business
  • Employment of the seven tactics to hit the bull’s-eye for your business
  • Rapid laser focused coaching
  • Bull’s-eye coaching”(the app)
  • 4999 for three months the bull’s-eye coach for the first five client with Betsy when prices go up

BullsEye! Seven Tactics

You’re busy, so many things need to be done and you wear a million hats.  It’s challenging to see the forest for the trees.  You wonder how can you tell what is missing in your business because you don’t know what works in the first place.

We have the Tactics for you!

This process is for you to B. E. Bulletproof and to Hit your Bullseye! in your business and for your life. In an easy to understand and easy to communicate manner, the Seven Tactics will provide the structure and framework you need to assess and troubleshoot your business.  Following these tactics and using them along the way will set your sights to hit your Bullseye!

Pick a point on the horizon and don’t look back – If you drive the boat looking backwards you’ll go in a circle.

Fun, easy to remember universal principles to help the industry professional stabilize their business, and life. This book series can be purchased individually or in compilation volume. this is perfect for the individual who wants to try the system before attending a seminar.



Coach! Seven Keys for the New Coach

You’ve been educated in distinctions or had experience coaching or both. Now you are looking for a framework for your business and you aren’t interested in building a training center. The Coach! book series is part of the TurboCoaching System (which is completely virtual). Series available on Amazon … system coming Fall of 2018. It is used to develop a universal language with your clients.



Intensives (TBD)

  • Be Bulletproof:  During this two-day intensive for Executive Entrepreneurs, you will identify your special talents, learn a system to apply during down times and walk away knowing how to trouble-shoot so that life is smooth and traditions are easy.
  • Bulletproof Coaching:  During this two-day intensive for beginning coaches, you get to “experiment” with the TurboCoaching system. You’ll work with other coaches to identify and assist special skills, to practice new techniques and to learn a system with an opportunity to be selected as a referral coach.


We are able to book Betsy Jordan for your presenting and keynote needs. Her entertaining and experiential processes always keep things fresh and your audience wanting more!

  • Kevlar:  Be Bulletproof   How many times do we have a disagreement and we “shut down”, “attack” or “avoid”? This presentation includes ways to stay engaged yet not “tagged”. 
  • Be Bold, Be Brave and Hit Your BullsEye! What are the many ways that we are sidetracked, manipulated, stressed, distracted, confused? This is how to stay on target.
  • Tactics, Targets and Troubleshooting.  In the same manner as a kid sings; Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes, this presentation gives you a strategy for remembering 7 tactics to Hit Your BullsEye!
  • Or a presentation designed just for you and your company.

TurboCoaching™ System

Our patent-pending system for new or beginning coaches. Too often coaches strike out on their own, coaching individuals with no plan or strategy. The TurboCoaching System provides a framework, a launch-pad to:

    •  assess each individual in terms of their personal accomplishments, passions and interests,
    • interrupt limiting or sabotaging behaviors
    • exclusive ammunition for each client, and
    • a subsystem to set their BullsEye! Once this is established, then
    • the seven keys as described in Coach! to establish the ongoing road map for you and your client.
    • Available Fall of 2018