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Target Practice

50 weeks of suggested ways to sharpen your skills.

Be Bulletproof Part One

Personal assessments used to guide your
business. Designed for self-mentoring otherwise known as
“Do it yourself”. Discover your highest and best you, discover your exclusive ammunition and determine your Bullseye.


Environmental Evaluation

Your environment offers opportunities to either focus on your intended results or be distracted by them. All handled via
Webcam. Several options are available.
Tier one: General overview of either home or office, considering the Bullseye focus chosen. Three action steps given by the coach.
Tier two: Specific room and intentions for the domain given.
Tier three: Specific room add on with intention.

Pattern Interruption

Pattern Interruption is a virtual breakthrough process. During this one- hour process, patterns are identified and breakthrough opportunities are created through a virtual system with a coach.

Be Bulletproof Part Two:

Reach your Bullseye using the Seven Tactics. Includes the Seven Tactics implementation online system and the Bullseye! Seven Tactics Bestselling book series. This process covers all that you need to make sure your targets are covered, your flanks are protected and it is based on universal creative principles.

Total Be Bulletproof System Online (app included)

includes Part One and Part Two, Target practice,Pattern Interruption, one hour of instruction and covers personal assessments and exclusive ammunition.

BullsEye Turbo-CoachingTM

Partner with a coach who will work with you through your assessments, your breakthrough, gaining your exclusive ammunition, and in selecting your Bullseye … with that in mind, coaches work with you to stay on point, using the Seven Tactics their only mission is to have you hit your Bullseye! Virtual coaching and all online so it can happen conveniently. Rapid laser focus so you gain great results. APP and Target Practice included. 12 hours of coaching included.

BullsEye! Seven Tactics

Purchase our Bestselling Business Books!:

BULLSEYE! Seven Tactics to hit the Bullseye in your Business



Coach! Seven Keys for the New Coach

You’ve been educated in distinctions or had experience coaching or both. Now you are looking for a framework for your business and you aren’t interested in building a training center. The Coach! book series is part of the TurboCoaching System (which is completely virtual). Series available on Amazon … system coming Fall of 2018. It is used to develop a universal language with your clients.




Already a coach? Want to use our online BullseyecoachingTM System in your Practice? Glad to hear it! To be eligible you must go through the Bullseyecoaching System as our client and then, send in your request in for a call. We’ll see if we are a match. Includes full system, support materials and a year of support.

Intensives (TBD)

  • Be Bulletproof:  During this two-day intensive for Executives, you will identify your special talents, learn a system to apply during down times and walk away knowing how to trouble-shoot so that life is smooth and traditions are easy.
  • Bulletproof Coaching:  During this two-day intensive for beginning coaches, you get to “experiment” with the TurboCoaching system. You’ll work with other coaches to identify and assist special skills, to practice new techniques and to learn a system with an opportunity to be selected as a referral coach.


We are able to book Betsy Jordan for your presenting and keynote needs. Her entertaining and experiential processes always keep things fresh and your audience wanting more!

  • Kevlar:  Be Bulletproof   How many times do we have a disagreement and we “shut down”, “attack” or “avoid”? This presentation includes ways to stay engaged yet not “tagged”. 
  • Be Bold, Be Brave and Hit Your BullsEye! What are the many ways that we are sidetracked, manipulated, stressed, distracted, confused? This is how to stay on target.
  • Tactics, Targets and Troubleshooting.  In the same manner as a kid sings; Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes, this presentation gives you a strategy for remembering 7 tactics to Hit Your BullsEye!
  • Or a presentation designed just for you and your company.