Every coach has a story. Every client does, also. To answer the question, “Why Bullseyecoach?” requires a bit of background. 

Creating Bullseyecoach

Every coach has a story. Every client does, also. To answer the question, “Why Bullseyecoach?” requires a bit of background. 

I was raised in a small town (pop. 1200), a great place to be from, a great place to grow up in, and remains a wonderful place with a very solid community spirit. I remember my teenage years being involved with the park program. 

The park program was a place where the whole community would congregate. In the summers, there were programs for kids of all ages. One of these years, I ran the swimming pool physical activities part of the parks program while one of my best friends, Laura, ran the arts and crafts portion. We were put in places where we were gifted. I am terrible at arts and crafts, and.  Laura was incredible at it. While she was also an athlete, I had my lifeguard certification and trained lifeguards then.

The whole community would rally around our kids, teenagers, and families. We didn’t have a drug or drinking problem in the community and were prone to excellence in leadership. People in the community led willingly in their churches, schools, and even the park. We had to have adults overseeing everything.

It mattered to me that my aunt and uncle were involved in the park program, my uncle was on the board my aunt ran the Park program they started actually. Somehow it felt like a natural progression when I found that I was leading in that arena. I’m proud to say that I also taught my brother and sister how to be lifeguards though I will tell you that their impulses to stand for people were already there.

My point is I was raised in a family that raised leaders and was raised in a community that did the same and nurtured leadership. That’s not to say things didn’t go wrong sometimes.

A young man mid-teens came to the pool, I could tell that he had been drinking … stay tuned, you’ll understand why I say we didn’t have a drinking or drugs issue. I was concerned because, of course, I’m responsible for everyone that was there. He was not drinking at the time, though I could tell he had had a few. I was out on my free swim. 

As you might imagine, no lifeguard on “free swim” is ever, free. We’re like magnets to children who have seen us on the stand and want to play! So I’m sure I had several young’ens hanging on each arm when I heard the whistle. The lifeguard on the stand whistled. Looked at me and pointed at the deep end of the pool, the bottom of the pool. (I retrained my guards after this experience to better prepare for a situation like this.) She had panicked because this young man, the one I’d been concerned about, was lying at the bottom of the deep end of the pool. He had sunk like a stone to the bottom. (At any other time, I might’ve been envious of the fact that he had no body fat at all.)

As I got him up from the bottom of the pool;  I got them over to the side of the pool a lot of people were standing there from behind the line. Separating street-clothed from the swimmer. They came out to help in many ways that could have been a disaster. I had to tell them all to back up. The point was that they wanted to help.

I was prepared to resuscitate him but was mightily relieved when he coughed up water from his sodden lungs. He sat against the fence while I sent everyone back behind the lines and back into the pool.

It would’ve been really easy to judge that young man and tell him not to come back to the pool again. What he had done had frightened me, and it frightened other people for him. But fortunately, I had enough presence of mind to realize that the person most frightened was him. And that I could help. 

As I sat beside him, I said, “Listen, I want you to come back I will teach you to swim. Never come back when you’ve been drinking and drugging like this again, it makes you think you can do things that you cannot. You wanted to play and wanted to jump off the diving board, and that got you into trouble. I can teach you how not to be in trouble.” On some level or other, I’m still that lifeguard. 

Coaching came to me like swimming came to me. It was fun, and it still is. It’s fun for me to see the light bulb go off when people recognize that what they thought was impossible was entirely possible, not only that, but they’ve already gone beyond what they believed they could do.

Leadership was “in the water”, in my hometown, so it seemed natural for me to continue to be in leadership positions throughout my life. I came to coaching later in life. I was in my late 30s or early 40s when, after going to a leadership training program, I decided that I wanted to be the cause of this kind of transformation.

I was told that transformation couldn’t happen in a coffee shop. Those words motivated me because I truly believe that 100% is possible 100% of the time. We set out onto a pathway to create a method that allowed for transformation to happen anytime, anywhere, and for any human being on the planet. 

Let’s face it, we don’t want people waiting ‘til tragedy strikes to begin to direct their thoughts, and their lives toward causing extraordinary results.

Necessity is the great mother of invention. As I went through my coaching training, I noticed that my clients or people were from all over the world. The thought struck me one night when I received a phone call from Australia at midnight on Christmas Eve. He needed to have a “grounding conversation to prepare for a conversation he was getting ready to have with his then ex-wife. He wanted to clean things up. I was there, yet many would not have been at that time, on that day. 

I was coaching people outside of the training room, coaching people all over the world, all times of day and night; many of them were out there with their teams, not necessarily the lone ranger, but since my clients were entrepreneurs, they were used to making decisions on the fly, not necessarily going it alone.

As I hung out my shingle as a coach, it quickly became apparent that my clients needed a structure to move things forward with urgency.

In another piece of the story, so it’s understood, why I would choose to create this methodology in the manner that I did:  At the time that I started writing the books that support this methodology, I had already been certified as a mind-body educator by Deepak Chopra. This was the early 90’s, I was in the first class of 95 people from across the country who learned the psychophysiological origins of disease ie. the mind-body connection. This was before anyone understood how beneficial meditation is. This was before people were talking in the mainstream about mindfulness. This was before the term chakra had reached the Western world and was used as fluently as it is today. (Though in some circles, it may still seem strange.)

Because of this understanding, this methodology has troubleshooting elements that assist in developing a language and takes people into a deeper understanding of themselves. And yes, this was even before the multi-verse theory that Marvel’s Movies propagate.

This structure helps develop a language around which to coach that is a forwarding proposition. It’s also true that if you look at energy centers in the body, every one of your clients is going to have the same energy centers. It is a structure that fits everyone.

While some may think this is weird or strange, that’s more reason to expose them to it. The exercises, in many cases, are “so obvious as to be overlooked” but when done within a context of mindfulness and present moment awareness, can create a rich crucible of possibility for application toward any intention that your clients will have.

So this is a subtle coaching program and is not nearly as dramatic as having a car accident or losing a loved one. Yet this methodology can cause the same level of transformation in profound ways. And all the coach and client have to do is go through the steps of this iterative process together, which encompasses all areas of the individual. No steps are skipped. 

It was important to me that people leave this coaching experience with tools they could apply to their lives forever. So the books were written with clients in mind, and the system was created with human beings in mind. I didn’t wait for some professional entity to tell me I needed to write books. The nature of my work inspired the books. I knew that the coach needed to have a certain level of understanding that was at a more advanced level than the client. So you’ll find two book series that support the client (BULLSEYE!)and the coach(COACH!). 

It’s been a very long time since I sat with the young man after pulling him back from the swimming pool depths. It’s been a long time since I was a lifeguard and a lifeguard of lifeguards. Coaching gave me a similar opportunity because, in essence, transformation is all about saving a life, yet, anyone who becomes your client doesn’t need saving; they don’t need rescuing; they may need inspiration, mentorship, motivation, teaching, or compassion. The truth is, any client who is attracted to you while using this methodology will already be leading in their lives. They will want to coach. They will want and desire transformation badly, even in a coffee shop.

Why Bullseye? I think there’s a sweet spot. There’s a sense of being right in the center of everything they have wanted. Bullseyecoach is really about navigating the labyrinth to reach that center. In reaching it, you are again sitting in immense possibility and potentiality. There’s always another bulls-eye in your life.

If you are attracted to this, then perhaps you are the one business owner we have been seeking. Thank you for seeing the possibility of the methodology. If you own this BeBulletproof methodology, implement this in your business. The benefits to your coaches will be even more exciting when they have a structure that supports urgency and makes things easier for their clients to be anywhere in the world and take on their lives. I cannot wait to see the effect it has on the clients of your coaches. And to see how many more clients you can get in your business pipeline because you have a structure that works even when you’re not.

Creating this methodology is been one of the great joys of my life. Seeing its effects as I’ve coached people through it has been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling for me. As I reach this next level in my coaching career, I am thrilled to offer this to you.

Betsy Jordan

Founder of Bullseyecoach