Creating Joy

With an assassination of a general, trade wars, headlines of cybersecurity breaches, sex-trafficking, coronavirus, and ransom hacking affecting my life directly. It is true, we could die tomorrow … It was easy to spiral down into negative thinking. And while I usually don’t go down that path too far or for too long, this time, […]

Ice Cream and overwhelm.

Have you felt overwhelmed lately? I’ve noticed many people expressing feelings of overwhelm. We can blame it on technology, or we can blame it on the news, or we can blame it on  disagreeing with somebody, or, on the somebody who we think is disagreeable! Overwhelm seems also to be affecting Google. When looking for […]

What’s integrity have to do with it?

The first coach I saw on television was Dr. Phil. Integrity? Coaching? Leadership? These were my questions. I was struck by the idea that anyone who was being coached on that program was being seen by millions of people. While I think Dr. Phil is done some remarkable things and some very good work, There […]

Win win negotiations: Flexibility

Flexibility is the key to immortality.  There are loads of “age-defying” ads intended to market products to consumers from 20- to deathbed. It seems you must take this supplement or that one to stay youthful and your life depends on it. Now, truth … I take many supplements and believe in them. And who’s to […]

Win win negotiation example: climate change.

We use the example of climate change to share win win negotiation techniques. Create the connection. Understand positions. Create win-win, by establishing a connection, followed by understanding each other’s positions. Then, the task (which makes everything easier) is to look beyond the problem, beyond the solution, to a vision for what it would be like […]

Win/Win negotiation, big picture, first step: love language. Really??

Oh, yes, really. I’ve observed conversations lately which seemed more like battles to the death which, while entertaining sometimes, clearly, don’t resolve anything. Polarized positionally rarely does. And often, calling someone out even if you are “right” means the conversation ends. If you’re interested in shutting down a conversation, that’s one way to do it! […]