Imagine that your life is like that of a lovely chalice.

And imagine that what you put into it as of late, has been Internet streaming, binge watching TV, abuse of alcohol, insomnia, overwork, over exercising, eating crap food, and then, feeling sorry for yourself …. guilt. It’s the action on the discomfort which makes the difference between poison or nectar.

Now for some anyone of these things would not be considered poison, but you know who you are if you realize that these things are poison to you. I once heard someone say that a saint could drink poison and turn it into nectar. Most of us cannot do that.

Drinking from the poisoned chalice muddles your thinking and numbs out or hides your vision. You don’t realize it but by self-medicating with poison, you also give all of your power to it. It begins to replace important things in your life.

So how do you take your power back?

Freeing yourself from the poison and replacing it with appreciation and gratitude expands your mind opens your vision and allows you to begin to release the poison. Some may say that this attitude is pollyanna, naive, or even dangerous. They would be incorrect, and dare I say, poisoned, refusing the antidote which would free them.

Replace the poison in the chalice with something that is nourishing. Quite simply giving to others reduces the poison, gratitude and appreciation for what you have, fills the cup.

When in doubt, focus out.

As a victim to the poisoned chalice, many of us look in the mirror and look at ourselves and/or hypercritical, or are critical of others, because we’re poisoned you see.

How do you recognize the poison?

Anxiety is usually a fear of the future or the present, and as in always, ridding yourself of this anxiety is not simple but it requires you focusing out beyond yourself. Focusing on what you can share, can give, to others.

Depression, it’s real, generally involves regret over the past or guilt. It’s often been said or I’ve often heard or I’ve often said that guilt plus a good story is not the same thing as doing the right thing in the first place or doing something different about that thing that you feel guilty about. Basically all you’re doing is adding to your poison and feeling like a good person about it. Unless, guilt motivates you to do something different to take action towards someone in a way that is intended to be good for them.

Karma or the universal law of cause and effect is a concept which I have found it to be forwarding in my life. What goes around comes around. So in your everyday actions are you operating from the poisoned chalice or are you operating from focusing out on other?

This brings me to the concept of referring to the self first instead of referring to the outside objects for validation.

Referring to the outside: how much money we make, what kind of car we drive, what house we live in, what job we have, what cachet we have in the world, do we have something better than this person, or that person, all of these externals to validate who we are, is poison in the poisoned chalice. Check in with the self to see how we might have caused the things that could occur in our world, we have the ability to change what is happening. And by acting from the space of generosity, we take our power back.

The benefits are tremendous.

Once we make use of this antidote, and rid ourselves of the poison, there is a natural upwelling of joy and gratitude. We are meant to be connected to our spirit. It’s nature is free, and open, and loving. Yet many people in this cynical age who have drunk from the poison chalice reject this as foolish or foolhardy.

That’s the poison talking. For once you have an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, you can withstand challenges which ordinarily would lead you to feeling anxious or depressed. Filling the emptied chalice with appreciation and gratitude and joy for this life that you have, fills your cup … creates a cycle of giving, appreciation, & gratitude ,,, giving, appreciation, & gratitude and so on and so on and so on …

Today, just for today, focus out to build that muscle of giving,

to build that muscle of appreciation and gratitude, to build the ability to handle the poison as it comes at you. Because once you have developed the muscles of giving, appreciation and gratitude you will be immune to the poisons of the world.

Lest you think that I have completely filled my chalice with an attitude of appreciation and gratitude I will tell you, this is as much me talking to myself, as to you. Let’s make our day beautiful.

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