Kindle Envy

Technology used to have a longer life-cycle. It seems that everything is faster, moves in a quicker time frame. And many of our senior citizens are lost in this new-fangled stuff. Sometimes it can be daunting to communicate and so many of us don’t!

When I began to realize that there were new technologies that would truly please my parents, I introduced them with a preamble: “Now I’m not going to get this for you if you don’t use it. The Kindle had been released yet you couldn’t download directly to it.

So, I waited and continued to tease my mother with statements like, You’re going to love this. It will make your life a lot easier. (She is an avid book reader.)

Finally, I ordered the second generation Kindle. Apparently, her friend got HER Kindle first. So, Mom developed a new and rare disease called, Kindle envy . She began to ask ME when her Kindle was arriving. The day came, and Mom and Kindle fell in love. This happy occurance led to my father having Kindle envy. My Mom gave him a Kindle for his birthday and they live happily together.

This one bit of technology led to further and further explorations by both my Mom and Dad. While they are not tech-savvy, they are far from tech-illiterate. We communicate and they are not lost in the technological rat race anymore.

Who can you introduce to technology today?

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