Life Is A Relationship Game

Most of my friends, and all of my clients, have heard me say that Life is a relationship game. It sounds like an obvious statement doesn’t it? Yet many of us live ” lives of quiet desperation” … (Thoreau). We think that we are alone & separate; that “nobody knows the trouble we’ve seen”or some other such disinformation. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Looking at the most tangible examples, we see that the internet, TV, texting, digital phone, etc. all serve to connect us. And now, I have at least one skype or tango video call/week so people can SEE me! Technology has allowed for quicker, more opportunity and faster communication than ever.

As we look at the scientific realm, we know that being in the same room with someone means that we share DNA. Dreaded germs and viruses are additional proof of that unseen connection between us.

What is the purpose of this message? It’s that you are not alone! Someone else has felt the same joy; the same pain; experienced something similar.

Too often, we are instructed to act professional. Educated in the fine art of corporate etiquette, we use customs and rituals to separate. When this happens, we grow distant from the source of life; and often from the source of creative information.

Choose to deliberately connect today. You never know the opportunities available for you unless you use your natural bridges.

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