Out From Under The Influence

With my clients, I often am coaching about ways of being responsible or accountable so that they remain in the driver’s seat of their lives. When I hear: “I can’t afford it.” “I don’t have time.” “Business is horrible.” “In this economy, I can’t.” Or, “That’s good, for this economy.” Or, “I need to lose weight.”

It’s a fact, that if you look at current externals such as economic indicators, the Weather Channel, Fox News, the DOW, we should all hide our money under our mattresses, pull our covers over our heads and not come out again until around 2014. I, for one, choose to see things differently.

I have all that I need in this moment.
Think about that. Say it out loud. In this present moment, you are breathing; your heart is beating; you literally have everything that you need to survive. Once you own that thought; turn your focus inward. Think about what you want to have, in addition to having what you need. Then take a deep expansive breath and close your eyes.

Imagine that you have all that you desire; that this special moment somehow is transformed to the moment after having it all. What is that for you? And now, how are you feeling? Generally, the world is a happier place, once you move from external influences, to internal referral. At the very least, you will feel less anxious, more in control of your world. And from that happier place, make decisions that will move you forward out from under the influence of what They are saying out there!

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